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Benrinnes | Port Cask | Murray McDavid | 44,5%

Benrinnes | Port Cask | Murray McDavid | 44,5%

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Explore the unique character of the Benrinnes Single Malt, expertly bottled by Murray McDavid in their Cask Craft series. This exceptional whisky has been finished in Caves de Murça Tawny Port barriques, adding a distinct layer of rich, fruity complexity.

Bottled at a strength of 44.5% Vol., it offers a deep, enriching taste experience that beautifully marries the robust flavors of traditional Scotch with the subtle, sweet nuances of aged port wine.

Category Single Malt Whisky
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Volume 700ml
Alcohol Content 44.5%-vol
Age Ohne Altersangabe
Cask Type Tawny Port
Peat nicht rauchig | unpeated
Filtration nicht kühlgefiltert | non-chill-filtered
Colouring ohne Farbstoffe | non-coloured
Distillery Benrinnes Distillery, CQR7+P7 Aberlour, Scotland, United Kingdom
Bottler Murray McDavid, Coleburn Distillery, Longmorn, Elgin, IV30 8SN, Scotland, United Kingdom
Importer / Distributor Kirsch Import GmbH & Co. KG, Mackenstedter Str. 7, 28816 Stuhr, Deutschland
  • Benrinnes - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Nestled in the heart of Scotland's famed Speyside region, Benrinnes Distillery stands as a testament to the rich whisky-making heritage of this area. Established in 1826, Benrinnes has a storied history, marked by resilience and innovation, making it a cherished destination for whisky enthusiasts.

    Benrinnes is known for its unique approach to whisky production. The distillery was one of the last in Scotland to use a traditional partial triple distillation process, a method that contributes significantly to the rich and full-bodied character of its whiskies. This distinctive process, combined with the use of high-quality casks for maturation, results in a whisky that is complex, robust, and brimming with deep flavors.

    The signature style of Benrinnes is characterized by its rich, meaty profile, often with notes of stewed fruits, dark chocolate, and a hint of spice. This makes it a favorite among those who appreciate a more substantial and flavorful dram. The distillery's core range, including the Benrinnes 15-Year-Old, showcases the depth and versatility of their spirit, offering a truly indulgent whisky experience.

    Visiting Benrinnes Distillery is a journey into the heart of Speyside's whisky culture. The distillery's picturesque setting, combined with its commitment to traditional craftsmanship, offers a unique glimpse into the soul of Scottish whisky making.

    Discover Benrinnes Distillery, where each bottle is a celebration of Speyside's rich whisky heritage, crafted with passion and expertise. It's a hidden gem for those seeking to explore the luxurious and complex world of Scotch whisky.

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  • Murray McDavid

    Murray McDavid was founded in early 1994 and quickly developed into a leading bottler of Scotch whisky. The company was one of the first to use a variety of interesting casks in the art of maturation to create inspired Scotch whisky. Murray McDavid was founded by the London wine merchants Mark Reynier, Simon Coughlin, and Gordon Wright of the Springbank Distillery. They quickly gained a reputation for maturing whisky in interesting casks, particularly noble wine casks.

    In 2000, the team at Murray McDavid set out to reopen the closed Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay, enlisting the services of Jim McEwan, the most famous Master Distiller of Islay. In 2012, the spirits giant Remy Cointreau purchased the Bruichladdich Distillery and Murray McDavid. Later, Murray McDavid was sold to its current owners, the leading Scotch whisky broker Aceo Ltd.

    Today, the home of Murray McDavid is the Coleburn Distillery in Speyside, where the tradition of bottling artfully matured Scotch whisky continues. Murray McDavid is known for its innovative methods of whisky maturation and the use of a wide range of casks, including wine casks, sherry casks, and other special types of casks, to create unique and complex flavor profiles.

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