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    Michter's is one of the oldest whiskey brands in the United States, with origins dating back to 1753 when the first distillery was founded in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, by John Shenk.

    Originally known as Shenk's and later as Bomberger's, the distillery received its current name in the mid-20th century when Lou Forman created the Michter's brand by combining the names of his sons, Michael and Peter. Although the distillery closed in 1989 due to bankruptcy, the brand was revived in the 1990s by Joseph Magliocco and Richard Newman and relocated to Kentucky, the modern center of the American whiskey industry.

    Michter's produces a variety of high-quality whiskeys, including Michter's US1 Bourbon, US1 Rye, and US1 Sour Mash. These whiskeys are known for their rich and complex flavor profiles. The US1 Bourbon features notes of caramel, vanilla, and stone fruit, while the US1 Rye offers spicy and peppery notes with citrus accents. The US1 Sour Mash has a rich cinnamon flavor with hints of butter and almonds.

    The Michter's distillery exclusively uses non-GMO grain of the highest quality and places great emphasis on traditional production methods. This includes using the "sour mash" process, where a portion of the previous batch is incorporated into the new mash. Distillation takes place in copper stills from Vendome Copper and Brass Works.

    The distillery owns several locations, including the historic Fort Nelson Distillery in Louisville, built in 1890 and acquired by Michter's in 2012. After extensive restoration, the Fort Nelson Distillery was opened to the public in 2019. In addition to Fort Nelson, Michter's operates the Shively Distillery in Louisville and a 145-acre farm in Springfield, Kentucky.

    Michter's has earned an outstanding reputation in the whiskey world through its uncompromising approach to quality and craftsmanship and was named the world's most admired whiskey brand in 2023.