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    Nestled on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta Distillery stands as a proud testament to Western Canada's whisky-making tradition. Established in 1946, the distillery has been a cornerstone in the Canadian spirits landscape, renowned for producing rye whisky that is as bold and robust as the region itself.

    Alberta Distillery's whiskies are a celebration of the unbridled spirit of Canadian rye. Known for their raw and intense flavor profile, these whiskies embody the true essence of undiluted rye. Even the aged and matured expressions retain the vigorous rye character, offering a taste experience that is both unique and deeply satisfying.

    At Alberta Distillers, the mission is to continually push the boundaries of what Canadian spirits can be. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every bottle, offering exceptional quality at an affordable price. The distillery's award-winning collection is a testament to their dedication to crafting distinctive flavors that are uniquely Canadian.

    Experience the rich, bold flavors of Alberta Distillery, where each sip transports you to the vast, open landscapes of Western Canada. From their signature rye whiskies to innovative expressions, Alberta Distillery is not just making whisky; they are defining a legacy of Canadian spirit craftsmanship.