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    The Linkwood Distillery, founded in 1821 by Peter Brown, is located on the outskirts of Elgin in the Speyside region of Scotland. Known for its fresh and floral aromas, the distillery holds a significant place in the history of Scottish whisky.

    After a comprehensive renovation by the founder's son, William Brown, in 1874, the distillery continued to develop and underwent several modernizations, particularly in the 1970s when a second distillery was built opposite the original.

    Linkwood primarily produces whisky for blends such as Johnnie Walker and White Horse but also offers some notable single malt releases. Popular releases include the Linkwood 12 Years from the Flora & Fauna series and independent bottlings by Gordon & MacPhail. These whiskies are known for their light, fruity flavor profile with notes of apple, pear, and vanilla, accompanied by a hint of smoke and a pleasant texture.

    The distillery uses water from the Millbuies Spring and distills in traditional copper pot stills. Maturation takes place in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks, contributing to the complexity and depth of the whiskies.