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  • Knob Creek - American Bourbon Whiskey

    Knob Creek is a straight bourbon whiskey from Kentucky, owned by Beam Suntory and produced at the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont.

    Along with Booker's, Baker's, and Basil Hayden's, it was part of the small-batch bourbon series introduced in 1992 by Booker Noe (1929-2004), the grandson of Jim Beam. Noe is considered the father of the small-batch bourbon category. Knob Creek is named after the creek that flows through the childhood home of President Abraham Lincoln in Kentucky.

    The whiskeys are known for their deep color and sweet, rich, woody caramel flavor, attributed to long aging. The Single Barrel Reserve ages for nine years in wood before being released - a remarkably long aging period for a whiskey. Booker Noe aimed to emulate the pre-Prohibition style of bourbon with this creation. Knob Creek bourbon has received numerous awards from spirits rating organizations.