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    Macduff is a whisky distillery founded in 1960 and located on the coast of the Highlands near the town of Banff. It is also known under the names Glen Deveron and The Deveron, with the name Macduff mainly used by independent bottlers. The distillery was established by a group of whisky brokers, including George Crawford, Brodie Hepburn, James Stirret, and Morty Dyke, to capitalize on the post-World War II whisky boom.

    Macduff uses an unusual configuration of five stills (two wash stills and three spirit stills), which contributes to a unique character of the whisky. The stills have upward-angled lyne arms with a right-angled bend that facilitates some reflux, making the whisky fruitier. The whisky often has a nutty note with a hint of sulfur in the new make, enhanced by quick mashing, short fermentation, and cold condensation.

    Popular releases include the Deveron 12 Year Old, known for its creamy vanilla and apple notes, and the Deveron 18 Year Old, which offers additional layers of spice and oak. Macduff is also known for its independent bottlings, often marketed under the distillery's name and offering a greater variety of flavor profiles, such as a 45-year-old bottling by Duncan Taylor and a 13-year-old by Gordon & MacPhail.

    The history of Macduff is marked by several ownership changes. In 1972, the distillery was acquired by William Lawson Distillers, which later became part of Martini & Rossi and eventually Bacardi. Under Bacardi's leadership, production was further expanded, and Macduff became an important component of the Dewar’s and William Lawson blends. Although most of Macduff’s whisky is used in blends, about 10% of the production is available as single malt, making the brand particularly interesting for whisky enthusiasts.

    The distillery uses water from local sources such as the Gelly Burn and produces approximately 2.4 million liters of pure alcohol annually. Macduff whiskies are known for their diverse range of flavors, from fruity and sweet to spicy and slightly salty, making them a versatile choice for connoisseurs.