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    Situated near Brora, Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands, the Clynelish Distillery is a name revered in the whisky world. The original Clynelish Distillery, established in 1819, shares its rich history with the current operational distillery built in 1967. This proximity of old and new symbolizes a bridge between traditional whisky-making and modern techniques, making Clynelish a unique and fascinating distillery.

    From its early days of producing about 12,000 gallons (approximately 54,000 liters) per year, Clynelish has undergone significant transformations. The distillery's expansion around 1896, which included the addition of extra warehouse space, marked a pivotal moment in increasing its production capacity to meet the growing demand for luxury items like whisky in the 1960s.

    The construction of the new Clynelish Distillery in 1967 was a response to this increased demand, ensuring the continuation of high-quality spirit production. For a time, both the old and new distilleries operated side by side as Clynelish A and Clynelish B, a testament to the brand's commitment to maintaining and perfecting its distinctive flavor profile. The older distillery was eventually closed the following year.

    Clynelish has long maintained a close relationship with Johnnie Walker Blended Whisky, with about 95% of its spirits contributing to renowned blends, particularly the Gold Label Reserve. This collaboration highlights Clynelish's significant role in the blended whisky market.

    Today, Clynelish Distillery is celebrated for its exceptional single malts, characterized by a rich, complex flavor profile that appeals to both connoisseurs and new whisky enthusiasts. The distillery's commitment to quality and heritage makes it a must-visit destination for those exploring the Scottish Highlands and the world of whisky.

    Discover Clynelish Distillery, where every bottle is a blend of history, tradition, and the finest whisky-making craftsmanship, offering a unique taste of the Highlands.