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    A.D. Rattray is a respected independent whisky bottler with roots dating back to 1868, when Andrew Dewar Rattray founded the company in the southwest of Scotland. Initially, the company started as a trader importing a variety of goods, including French wines, Italian spirits, and olive oil.

    Over time, it specialized in the blending and storage of malt and grain whiskies. The company built its reputation by representing a number of Highland malt distilleries and selling bulk whisky to merchants and major whisky blending houses in the west of Scotland.

    After the founder's death, the business underwent a significant transition and was eventually taken over by William Walker, whose daughter married into the Morrison family—a connection that would shape the future of A.D. Rattray.

    The company's legacy was carried on by the Morrison family, with Stanley Walker Morrison as the current chairman. Under the leadership of Stanley Walker Morrison, A.D. Rattray experienced a revival in 2004. The company began bottling its own selection of handpicked casks, known as the A.D. Rattray Cask Collection. This marked a renewed focus on single malt whiskies and the revival of the long-lost Stronachie brand. They also established the A.D. Rattray Whisky Experience and Shop in Ayrshire and opened the Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow in 2017, further expanding their influence in the whisky industry.

    Throughout its history, A.D. Rattray has maintained its commitment to quality and dedication to the art of whisky maturation and blending, building a reputation as a respected independent bottler and contributor to Scotland's rich whisky heritage.