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    Bert Bruyneel is the founder of Asta Morris, an independent Belgian bottler. After being a teetotaler for the first 19 years of his life, everything began when a friend/bartender poured him a glass of Jack Daniels Single Barrel in 1994. Bert's interest in whisky turned into a hobby, and from the hobby grew a passion.

    In 1999, Bert co-founded the Wee Dram Whisky Society in Belgium, along with the bartender who had poured him that Jack Daniels 5 years earlier. In 2009, encouraged by two friends, Bert founded Asta Morris. Initially, the only activity was writing columns and articles for various whisky magazines and hosting tastings for two well-known Belgian spirits importers.

    Since then, Asta Morris has developed into a recognized independent bottler, known for its single cask bottlings and distinctive bubble design labels. The whiskies are generally offered as single cask releases without reduction and are available through specialist retailers in Europe as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia.