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  • Macaloney's Caledonian - Single Malt Canadian Whisky

    The Macaloney's distillery in Canada is built around traditional copper pot stills from Forsyth's. These hand-hammered behemoths produce smooth and fruity spirits, ideal for absorbing the unique flavors of oak casks from Kentucky, Portugal, Spain, and Scotland.

    Mike Nicolson, Macaloney's third-generation Master Distiller, spent his career distilling single malt whiskies in 18 different Scottish distilleries, from Lagavulin on Islay through Speyside to Glenkinchie in the Lowlands. Whisky maturation expert Dr. Jim Swan ushered in a new era of whisky making through cask finishing and secured access to the best available oak.

    Finally, the founder and whisky maker Dr. Graeme Macaloney brings his expertise in process engineering and connoisseurship. This trio of Scots has created a complex yet balanced Canadian spirit.