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  • Angel's Envy - Kentucky Whiskey

    Angel's Envy, a handcrafted whiskey produced by the Louisville Distilling Company in Kentucky, a subsidiary of Bacardi Limited, represents a unique blend of tradition and innovation. The name itself, inspired by the "Angel's Share" – the portion of spirit lost to evaporation during barrel aging – is a nod to the exceptional quality of the whiskey that even angels might envy.

    Originally conceived as a father-son venture, Angel's Envy soon grew to include a third generation, making it a true family affair. Lincoln Henderson, a legendary master distiller, came out of retirement to create Angel's Envy with his son Wes. Their vision was to craft a bourbon aged in port wine barrels, an idea Lincoln had harbored for years but never had the chance to explore. For Lincoln, creating a new kind of whiskey was as important as building something meaningful with his family. Wes's son Kyle later joined the brand, learning the art of distillation side by side with his grandfather.

    Angel's Envy is more than just a whiskey; it's a masterpiece born from a lifetime of distilling expertise. The bourbon's distinctive character comes from its unique aging process in port wine barrels, imparting a rich, nuanced flavor profile. Each bottle of Angel's Envy is a testament to the Henderson family's commitment to excellence and innovation in whiskey making.

    Experience Angel's Envy, where each sip offers a heavenly blend of flavors and a tribute to the legacy of Lincoln Henderson. It's a bourbon that's truly worthy of its name, having made a better deal than the angels themselves.