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  • Glen Elgin - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    The Glen Elgin Distillery, nestled in the picturesque region of Speyside, Scotland, presents an intriguing history and unique production of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Established in 1898, the distillery faced turbulent initial years, including multiple ownership changes and production halts, before being acquired by Scottish Malt Distillers, a subsidiary of DCL, in 1936 and later becoming part of Diageo​​.

    Glen Elgin is renowned for its fruity character, achieved through clear wort, long fermentation, and slow distillation in six stills. These processes help remove sulfur while condensation in worm tub condensers adds weight and complexity to the whisky​​.

    The official product range has evolved over time, primarily consisting of a 12-year-old expression today. Glen Elgin Malt is also a key component in White Horse Blended Whisky. Independent bottlings by third-party bottlers such as Signatory Vintage, Adelphi, and Gordon & MacPhail have also contributed to the diversity and availability of Glen Elgin whiskies​​.

    The distillery produces 1.8 million liters of pure alcohol annually and sources water from the springs of the picturesque Millbuies Loch. The unique "small tall" shape of its three wash stills and three spirit stills, along with the use of copper worms for cooling the alcohol vapors, are distinctive features of the distillery that contribute to the unique profile of Glen Elgin whisky​​.

    Glen Elgin represents a turning point in the history of Single Malt, being the last distillery built during the boom years of Scotch Whisky production. Charles Doig, the architect of the distillery, once predicted that it would be the last distillery in Speyside for 50 years, a prediction that turned out to be remarkably accurate​​.