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    The Longmorn Distillery is located in the Speyside region of Scotland, near the town of Elgin, and was founded in 1894 by John Duff. The distillery has a long and eventful history, marked by various ownership changes and modernizations. Today, Longmorn is part of Chivas Brothers, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard.

    Longmorn is known for its high-quality single malts, available in various age statements and bottlings. Popular releases include the Longmorn 16 Year Old and the Longmorn 18 Year Old. These whiskies are characterized by their rich, fruity flavor profile with notes of apple, pear, vanilla, and a hint of sherry. The maturation mainly takes place in bourbon and sherry casks, resulting in a complex and well-balanced aroma structure.

    Historically, Longmorn played an important role in the Scottish whisky industry. The distillery was one of the first to use steam to heat its stills, significantly improving production efficiency. In the 1970s, the distillery was expanded and modernized to meet growing demand. Despite these modernizations, Longmorn remains true to its traditional production methods, ensuring the high quality and distinctive character of its whiskies.

    An interesting fact is that Masataka Taketsuru, one of the founders of the Japanese whisky industry, worked at Longmorn in the 1920s and brought many of the techniques he learned there back to Japan. This highlights the international significance and influence of the distillery.