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    The Glen Garioch Distillery, one of Scotland's oldest whisky distilleries, was established in 1797 in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire. Located in the fertile valley known as "The Granary of Aberdeenshire," Oldmeldrum provides the ideal conditions for producing top-quality barley, a crucial factor for high-quality whisky production​​. Glen Garioch, pronounced 'Geery', has made a name for itself by utilizing local resources and a long tradition of whisky making.

    Over the years, the distillery has experienced several changes in ownership and was temporarily closed in 1968 due to water shortages. However, it resumed operations in 1972 thanks to the discovery of a new water source, "The Silent Spring". Today, the distillery is operated by Morrison Bowmore Distillers, part of the Japanese company Beam Suntory​​.

    Glen Garioch is characterized by its deep, cereal, and spicy notes, achieved through short fermentation times. Aging transforms the whisky's heaviness into a thick, fat texture, allowing honeyed fruits and heather notes to emerge. Since the 1990s, the whisky has been produced unpeated, although in recent years, small batches of smoky barley have been used again​​.

    The distillery draws its water from the mineral-rich burns in the Percock hills, also located in Aberdeenshire, contributing to the whisky's depth of flavor. With a production capacity of 1 million liters of pure alcohol per year, it currently operates at about three-quarters of its capacity, producing 700,000 liters annually​​.

    Glen Garioch offers both official and independent bottlings, including 8-year-old, 12-year-old, and 15-year-old Founder's Reserve without an age statement, as well as a 12-year-old bottle. Occasionally, vintage bottles are also available, which sell quickly and are available in limited quantities. Independent bottlings have been critically acclaimed, including those by Douglas Laing and Co. and Gordon & MacPhail​​.

    The distillery has a long and eventful history, surviving over two centuries of change and development. After its founding by Alexander Manson in 1797, the distillery changed hands several times until it was finally sold to T.G. Thomson & Co of Leith. William Sanderson, known for creating the famous blend "VAT 69", played a pivotal role in the distillery's history when he acquired a 50% stake in 1886​​.

    Today, Glen Garioch is a proud member of the Beam Suntory portfolio, focusing exclusively on the production of Single Malt, with all its production going into single malt bottlings​​. Glen Garioch remains a hidden gem in the world of Scottish whisky, fascinating whisky enthusiasts and lovers alike with its rich history and unique character.