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  • Elijah Craig - American Bourbon Whiskey

    The Elijah Craig Distillery, named after the legendary preacher and whiskey pioneer Elijah Craig, is a landmark of American bourbon production. Located in the heart of Kentucky, the center of bourbon production, this distillery is known for its significant role in the development of bourbon. The Elijah Craig brand is now part of Heaven Hill Brands, one of the largest independent spirits producers in the United States.

    Elijah Craig is often referred to as the "Father of Bourbon" for being one of the first to char the insides of his barrels – a crucial process in bourbon-making. This innovation is a hallmark of the brand and contributes significantly to the characteristic flavor and color of Elijah Craig Whiskey.

    Elijah Craig's standard bottlings include Elijah Craig Small Batch, known for its balanced blend of sweetness, spices, and smoky wood notes. Each batch of the Small Batch is composed of a selection of a few barrels to ensure a consistent flavor profile. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is another highlight, bottled at cask strength and known for its intense and robust character.

    In addition to these popular bottlings, Elijah Craig also offers limited editions and special releases, often providing rare and unique tasting experiences. These whiskeys are highly sought after by connoisseurs and collectors and reflect the craftsmanship and innovation of the distillery.