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  • Penderyn - Single Malt Welsh Whisky

    The Penderyn Distillery was founded in 2000 near the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, bringing whisky production back to Wales after over 100 years. Since then, the distillery has established itself in the world of whisky and produces award-winning single malt whiskies.

    Today, Penderyn has three locations: the original distillery in Brecon Beacons, one in Llandudno (opened in 2021), and the newest in Swansea Copperworks (opened in 2023).

    Penderyn whiskies are known for their diverse and complex flavor profiles, achieved through the use of various cask types. Particularly popular are the Penderyn Madeira Finish, aged in bourbon and Madeira casks, offering a smooth, creamy toffee aroma with lots of fruitiness. Other well-known releases include Penderyn Sherrywood and Penderyn Peated, each developing unique aromas through their specific maturation methods.

    The distillery uses a special copper still known as the Faraday Still, which produces an especially pure and fruity spirit. This technique significantly contributes to the high quality and unique character of Penderyn whiskies. In addition to single malts, Penderyn also offers a range of spirits such as Merlyn Cream Liqueur, Five Vodka, and Brecon Gin.

    Penderyn markets its products worldwide and exports to over 50 countries. The whiskies have won numerous international awards and are popular with both connoisseurs and casual drinkers. The distillery’s visitor centers are major tourist attractions, drawing thousands of visitors annually and offering tours and tastings.