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    The Ironroot Republic Distillery in Denison, Texas, is a family-run business that produces some of the state's finest spirits using local heirloom grains. The distillery's philosophy, Texas Elévage, is heavily influenced by Denison's history, where local viticulture expert T.V. Munson played a key role in saving the French wine industry with his Texan "iron roots." This historical connection inspired the distillery to apply French brandy distillation techniques to Texan corn, creating their distinctive whiskies.

    The distillery was founded by Robert Likarish, who decided to open a distillery in 2011 instead of pursuing a career as a lawyer. This decision was influenced by a visit to a distillery with his father, which ignited his passion for distillation. Ironroot Republic emerged from Robert's and his brother Jonathan's intensive engagement with whisky making. They acquired knowledge through courses, internships, and visits to distilleries in the United States, including a significant internship at Balcones Distilling in Waco, Texas.

    Denison, Texas, was chosen as the location for the distillery because it was a "wet town" where alcohol could be sold, unlike the surrounding "dry areas." Robert had a connection to the area, having studied at nearby Austin College. The name "Ironroot" was chosen to honor Denison's historical connection to T.V. Munson and his contribution to the European wine industry, while "Republic" reflects Texas's history as an independent republic from 1836 to 1845.

    In August 2014, Ironroot Republic Distilling opened its doors and became the first distillery in Denison, Texas. The Ironroot Republic Distillery is distinguished by its commitment to local ingredients, its unique approach to whisky making, and its deep roots in Texan and French distillation traditions.