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Elixir Distillers | Elements of Islay | Oc6 | Octomore | 0,5l | 58,1%

Elixir Distillers | Elements of Islay | Oc6 | Octomore | 0,5l | 58,1%

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Dieser junge Octomore wurde 2011 destilliert und reifte mehr als acht Jahre lang in Ex-Bourbon-Fässern. Wie erwartet, ist er voll von scharfem Rauch, bietet aber auch eine Fülle von Zitrusfrüchten und gerösteten Getreidenoten. Insgesamt wurden 870 Flaschen produziert.

erbrannte Streichhölzer und Jod, gemildert durch Zitronen- und Orangenschalen, Obstkonserven und Maraschino-Kirschen. Nach Zugabe eines Tropfens Wasser kommen üppiges geschmolzenes Karamell und Ingwer zum Vorschein.
Die zähe Textur bricht sofort mit heißem Torf und adstringierendem Rauch aus, bevor sie sich zu Meersalz und schwarzem Pfeffer öffnet. Nach der Würze folgt eine großzügige Portion Grapefruitmarmelade auf geröstetem Roggenbrot.
Trockener Abgang mit mehr Zitrusfrüchten, Gerstenmalz, Estragon und grünen Tomaten.
Category Single Malt Whisky
Country Schottland
Region Islay
Volume 500ml
Alcohol Content 58.1%-vol
Age 8 Jahre
Bottling Date 2019
Number of Bottles 870
Cask Type Bourbon
Peat stark rauchig | heavily peated
Filtration nicht kühlgefiltert | non-chill-filtered
Colouring ohne Farbstoffe | non-coloured
Distillery Bruichladdich Distillery, Isle of Islay Argyll PA497UN, Scotland, United Kingdom
Bottler Elixir Distillers, Elixir House, Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, London, NW10 7SF, United Kingdom
Importer / Distributor Kirsch Import GmbH & Co. KG, Mackenstedter Str. 7, 28816 Stuhr, Deutschland
  • Octomore - Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    The Octomore Distillery is known for producing the most heavily peated whisky in the world. The distillery was founded in 2002 on the Scottish island of Islay and is a subsidiary of the Bruichladdich Distillery. The name Octomore comes from a nearby farm that operated its own licensed distillery in the 19th century.

    Octomore is famous for its extreme peat levels, measured in phenol parts per million (ppm). The first batch was peated at 80 ppm, but later releases reached levels up to 258 ppm. The highest ever recorded level is 309 ppm. Despite these high peat levels, Octomore offers surprisingly complex flavor profiles with maritime, fruity, floral, and vanilla notes.

    Octomore whiskies are typically bottled young, mostly at the age of five years, as this is considered the optimal maturation period to fully showcase the intense peat aromas. Popular releases include Octomore 14.1, 14.2, and 14.3, each aged in different types of casks and bottled with varying peat levels.

    Production of Octomore takes place in the narrow-necked stills of the Bruichladdich Distillery, with only about 150,000 liters of Octomore produced annually. Each batch is bottled at natural cask strength, further intensifying the flavors. Distillation is carried out in small batches, and the entire system is flushed after each production to remove phenol residues.

    Octomore is known not only for its strong peat aromas but also for its innovation and use of various cask types. For example, Octomore 14.2 is partially aged in Oloroso Hogsheads and Amarone casks, adding additional depth and complexity.

    The history of Octomore is closely tied to the history of the Bruichladdich Distillery. After Bruichladdich was taken over by independent bottlers in 2000, Octomore was introduced to meet the demand for heavily peated whiskies. Since then, Octomore has achieved cult status among whisky enthusiasts and is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional and intense flavors.

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  • Elements of Islay

    The Elements of Islay is a unique series of small batch and single cask whiskies that pay homage to the famous Scottish region of Islay. This series is produced by Specialty Drinks, an independent bottler based in London, known for their careful selection of exceptional spirits.

    The whiskies in the Elements of Islay series are not branded by the distillery name but by a coded system representing each distillery, such as "Lg" for Lagavulin or "Ar" for Ardbeg, followed by a number indicating the specific release. This innovative approach allows the focus to be on the individual character of the whisky and the unique influence of Islay's elemental terroir, rather than the reputation or style of individual distilleries.

    These whiskies are renowned for their depth, complexity, and intensity of flavor, embodying the distinctive peatiness and maritime influence that Islay whiskies are famous for. Bottled at natural cask strength without chill filtration or added coloring, each release offers a pure and unadulterated taste of Islay.

    The bottlings are typically limited, making them highly sought after by collectors and whisky enthusiasts. The packaging of the Elements of Islay series reflects the theme of the elements: the whisky is bottled in laboratory-style flasks, and the box features coding in the style of the periodic table. This scientific aesthetic aligns with the brand's ethos of exploration and discovery, inviting you to delve into the elemental heart of Islay.

    Whether you are a seasoned Islay aficionado or new to the region, the Elements of Islay offer a unique and immersive journey into the heart of this iconic whisky region, one dram at a time.

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